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desime101 answered to your post “Sooo I have a question”

Most demisexuals do notice people who are aesthetically pleasing and acknowledge that. (ex. J-Law is pretty but I don’t want to date her)

Yes, I had hoped that would be the case. Thank you kindly!

psychosynchrony answered to your post “Sooo I have a question”

My understanding is that aesthetic attraction is like liking a work of art. No sexual attraction required, regardless of the acknowledgment.

Thank you kindly :)

theasexualityblog answered to your post “Sooo I have a question”

It varies from person to person, really. Some demis will think they’re asexual until they meet the right person, some have aesthetic crushes

Thank you kindly :) 

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shadowtalon answered to your post “Sooo I have a question”

some demis may experience aesthetic attraction regardless of other factors, so yes. feel free to ask me other qs!

Aaah Thank you so very much! I will hit you up if I have more questions. Which I no doubt will have. I’m quite excited about this character actually. Thank you again :)

Anonymous asked: "There are different kinds of attraction. Sensual, sexual, aesthetic, romantic, the list goes on. I'm not too well versed on the subject but there are plenty of blogs and resources that can explain it better. But yes u can be attracted to someone romantically or aesthetically and not be sexually attracted."

Thank you kindly anon :) That is very comforting to know ^^


What’s even more amazing than Cas just going through Dean’s shit is Dean not actually bitching at him about it.

and that Dean has a toiletries bag. i just dump everything in my travel bag in whatever pocket i can find


Plot Twist: Isaac is in charge of the dead pool because no one texted him in France

Sooo I have a question 

I’m contemplating writing up a demisexual character. From what I understand, demisexuals are those who are only attracted to people they have a strong emotion emotional bond with. Which is so interesting to me and would make for some very interesting interactions and plotlines. 

My question is, do demisexuals feel aesthetically attracted to a person without any sexual desire towards them? Because my understanding of sexuality is that you see your type of person, you are attracted to that person, you wanna bone them. But is it still possible for demisexuals specifically to be attracted physically to someone but have no need or want to have sex with them?

I’m so confused…? Help..?


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